Abigail's Art

As a child, I loved coloring books and pages. Yes, I colored in the lines but only because it made a prettier picture, once finished I’d turn over the paper and draw all over the blank backside.

Once in a college pottery class, after learning to form and throw cups, bowls and etc… The instructor gave us a final assignment to make our best piece. I ignored the pottery wheel entirely and, drawing from lessons in sculpture, choose to hand form an octopus bowl.

I suppose this is a pattern to the way I approach art. I’m eager to learn new techniques and mediums. Afterward I’ll experiment and make my own way.

Now photography occupies most of my artistic time. However, the camera is just one tool of many mediums I carry with me to express myself.

I’ll be using this blog as an outlet to share my personal creations.

Hope you enjoy.



An acrylic paint doodle on a wood scrap.

An acrylic paint doodle on a wood scrap.