"Inversion Therapy"- This piece was inspired by my dear friend Kerry. She told me she would love to see a piece focused around the "old" me seeing the "new" me and being proud of her.

Old me was a container

until I realized I couldn't contain her

I became anger that built a shelter

young danger, over my head

I used to stare at clocks

so I could tell myself I’m making progress

tell the people, lie to the people

the glass is half full

watch while I water it down

let the lovers line up

i’d play dodgeball with every one of them

guy or girl I was, game

self love was a pen pal

relative prose from a foreigner

I'd write the wrongs

until the words grew upright

now I tell the old me, preach truth to the last me

i'm not the taste you wanted

but I was the nutrients you needed

relative prose, now a native

manifested a stage so I spoke:

old me was always


she let time bleed out

from a porous mouth so fleeting

yet held her tongue and its meaning

Now she’s 32 and anew

EGO let me go

i’m not yours to free-throw

you can not contain me

the container said hell no!

the closet said hell no!

the past said hell no! it’s history

Now I tell her story

Once upon a time old me held a gift...