What does non`pa*reil mean? Webster's dictionary defines it as a "model of excellence; one having no equal", and as describing something "unique, singular, inimitable, unexampled or unprecedented."

The name NON`PA*REIL photography describes what I constantly strive to achieve in my work: unprecedented creative images that inspire and evoke emotion. 


I have always had a passion for art. My grade school papers were cluttered with rough sketches. I took classes in drawing, painting and sculpture throughout my childhood and went on to to study art in college. Freshly graduated and looking to broaden my horizons, I purchased my first professional grade camera – and I was hooked. I ventured into the world of photography and have not looked back. My background in art plays an inseparable role in my photography. I think about the direction of light and shadow, composition, mood and feeling, and so many other fundamental aspects of art as I compose each photograph.

I began my professional photography career back in 2008 by taking pictures of everything from commercial products to weddings. While doing so, I very quickly discovered that my gift and passion was in portraiture, especially intimate portraiture. I spend much of my free time practicing pole dance fitness because I love the strength and grace it gives me. Thus my favorite types of photo-shoot have become Pole Dance and Boudoir. My mission is to make other women (men and genderqueers too) feel beautiful and embrace their own sensuality. 

I am free-spirited, yet down-to-earth, and have a calm nature. I moved to Charleston 8 years ago to be closer to the coast. I just love the ocean, palm trees and warm(ish) winters here. As beautiful as Charleston is, I enjoy traveling at every opportunity. I currently live in the Avondale area, near my studio, with my partner, dogs and kitties. 




2010 Charleston City Paper Contest Winner.

2009 Charleston City Paper Contest Winner.

Photographer's Forum Magazine 29th annual Spring Photography Contest Finalist.


"Surrender", 3 works in Group Show at Jericho Advisors, 2013.

"Self-Portraits", series show at Torch Velvet Lounge, 2011.

"The Original Zodiac", series show at Club NV, January 28th 2011.

Kulture Klash 2010.

"Wonderdolls", series show at Torch Velvet Lounge, May-June 2010.


Beau Magazine, Lead photographer and Art Director. 2014-present. 

Oblique Magazine, Lead photographer and fashion editor, 2010-present, over 12 covers and multiple fashion spreads.

Vigore Magazine, October 2011,  Fashion spread.

Cooper River Bridge Run Magazine, 2009, featured article.