Pole Dance

Abigail’s Pole Dance Journey

It all started in 2009 when I took my first class. It was love at first spin. I was thrilled that it was such a fun way to stay fit, make new friends and feel uplifted. I was hooked and went on to take classes for 7 years before becoming an instructor at Amorous Dance Pole & Fitness in Charleston, SC. During those years I began doing photo shoots for the pole studio. It was a natural combination for me and I fell in love with creating pole dance art.

Why should you book a Photo Shoot with Abigail?

When you book with me, you’re not just hiring a regular photographer to take some cool pics of you on the pole, you’re collaborating with someone who truly understands the movement and artistry of pole dancing. I’ll remind you to breathe, extend, arch and point your toes and I know which angles look good for each trick. Most importantly, I am super passionate about both photography and pole dancing. That passion is truly noticeable in my images.