"Inversion Therapy"- This piece was inspired by my dear friend Kerry. She told me she would love to see a piece focused around the "old" me seeing the "new" me and being proud of her.

Old me was a container

until I realized I couldn't contain her

I became anger that built a shelter

young danger, over my head

I used to stare at clocks

so I could tell myself I’m making progress

tell the people, lie to the people

the glass is half full

watch while I water it down

let the lovers line up

i’d play dodgeball with every one of them

guy or girl I was, game

self love was a pen pal

relative prose from a foreigner

I'd write the wrongs

until the words grew upright

now I tell the old me, preach truth to the last me

i'm not the taste you wanted

but I was the nutrients you needed

relative prose, now a native

manifested a stage so I spoke:

old me was always


she let time bleed out

from a porous mouth so fleeting

yet held her tongue and its meaning

Now she’s 32 and anew

EGO let me go

i’m not yours to free-throw

you can not contain me

the container said hell no!

the closet said hell no!

the past said hell no! it’s history

Now I tell her story

Once upon a time old me held a gift...

About the Poet


Natalie writes poetry focused on self care. As a bit of an introvert, she uses it as a platform to learn more about herself, while sharing it with the public helps her become more in tune with its meaning. With heavy word play and metaphor, she hopes to invoke thought within the reader as well as present an abstract art piece.