Natalie's Nosh

I got my official start in the food and beverage business when I was 16, but had always had a fond interest in cooking while watching my grandmother whip up Puerto Rican classics without any recipes. Ever. It always intrigued me how she would gather beautiful ingredients, sharpen her knife so elegantly, and create consistently amazing dishes that tasted just as they did the time before. Even her desserts that called for meticulous measuring were spot on. She was my hero.

After working at fast casual joints to start making income, I shifted my focus to front of house and served my way through college knowing the pay and hours was better. After I decided getting a photography degree from the University of South Carolina was not going to be the path I would stay on, I put my attention back on cooking when close friends started raving about the meals I would make. I moved to Charleston, SC and sent myself to culinary school. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of Charleston in 2013 and worked in several different restaurants, making my way up from a line cook to sous chef- running the daily functions of the kitchen. I was in and out of managing at all types of restaurants until leaving my last job to set off on this nomadic journey with my wife and two pups. As I enjoyed several aspects of my cooking career, I was not satisfied with the quality of life that comes with it. I needed to create my cuisine on my time and exploring new places was always in the back of my mind.

I am excited to be able to focus my energy on cooking plant based, on the road meals that are inspired by my travels as well as honoring the care free approach to building flavor my grandmother instilled in me

Natalie makes Beyond burgers in our tiny home for dinner.

Natalie makes Beyond burgers in our tiny home for dinner.